Sunday, March 17, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge Reveal 5 Weeks 9-10/52

Welcome to Reveal 5, Weeks 9-10/52 of the AJE Earring Challenge. I am playing catch-up this week after preparing and having a total knee replacement on my right knee, I got behind for weeks 7 and 8, and did not blog for those weeks. So this week's blog post will have 4 pair of earrings using an art bead for part of the design. I will start with week 9:

I wire wrapped silver plated hoops with blue crystals and added aqua teardrop faux sea glass, connecting with blue sari silk ribbon. Following is week 10:

The flower beads were made with flower elements wire wrapped together after being colored with Gilder's Paste in Violet, Canary Yellow, Iris Blue, and Verdigris, tied together with a Tulip Red colored component, and antiqued copper ear wires.

Going back to week 7, ceramic leaf components by Janel Goolsby were highlighted with antiqued copper spacers, wire, jump rings, and ear wires that complemented the earth tone gemstone beads that laddered the design.

For week 8, Marsha Neal art beads were color co-ordinated with brass components colored with Lisa Liddy's Metal Me This Plum Patina and copper earwires.

Check out everyone else's Art Bead earrings at the Art Jewelry Element blog reveal. There are some really cool Art Beads and earrings on display!


  1. All of them are beautiful. I particularly love the flower petals and I think the last pair are just my style so I am loving them!

  2. All beautiful, I love the combination of sparkly matte and the twist of Sari silk all put together in one creation on the first pair.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous!

    Love all your earrings, and the blue especially speak to me with the sari ribbon and pretty sea opal. Very nice.

    I missed getting a spot in the AJE earrings challenge -- but it sure is nice to see what everyone is creating. You are always a beautiful designer! I admire your work.


  4. Lovely earrings! I hope that you recover quickly from your surgery.

  5. Beautiful earrings! Such wonderful colors and designs. I love the last pair. I hope you are recovering nicely. I missed several weeks due to illness as well and really missed playing along.


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