Sunday, October 27, 2013


One of my favorite blog hops to read last year was Octoberfest-2012 hosted by Rita of Toltec Jewels. Celebrating the turning of the season with either food, family, scenery, or jewelry is also a time to reflect on the turning seasons of what is happening in everyday life as well. Thank you, Rita, for hosing the Octoberfest blog hop again for 2013.

There are so many ways to commemorate what Octoberfest means to each person, but for me it was a time of reflection of what has been happening in my life, the turning and changing of events, for as we know, change is inevitable. I had been "Muse-less" for several weeks, now, and the fog just seemed to get denser with each passing day. My creativity had taken a vacation, and I hoped it would not be permanent. I had not produced one thing during that time, and could not even visualize a simple pair of earrings! For the most part, I knew that personal challenges were taking priority, but I had always been able to get through those by creating with my hands and mind. I was determined to get out of the funk by creating anything for the hop today.

My sweet granddaughter thought that I should make Barbie clothes for her Barbie. I did help her learn to hand sew, and gave her some "sewing lessons". But I needed to make something for me. So....I got out some things to work with that might not be too difficult, and some ideas began to take shape, trying to keep the focus on "Octoberfest".

I used Ranger patinas, alcohol inks, and Lumiere metal paints, along with some Brass stampings from B'Sue Boutiques to make this bracelet.
I added more colorized brass stampings to this etched brass bracelet, along with a discarded, broken earring for the focal.

I love Ranger Alcohol Inks, and the color that appeared on these brass leaves, combined with glass pearls.

These aren't exactly Octoberish, but they were very simple to put together with copper ear wires.

Just couldn't resist a pair of earrings that resembled pumpkins!

Enjoy the hop as I hope you take a look at the rest of the participants below- and thank you for stopping by!

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