Friday, February 20, 2015

Build A Line Challenge from B'sue Boutiques, Gina Hockett of Freestyle Elements, Part Two

From my first post about the Build a Line Challenge, taught by Brenda Sue Landsdowne of B'Sue Boutiques

This was a picture of my worktable as I sought to combine my collection of gemstone cabachons with brass stampings from B'Sue Boutiques to create a line of jewelry that would be cohesive, be recognizable as mine, and that would narrow my focus to build a successful business, creating jewelry to sell.

The journey so far has provided some valuable discoveries. Before, I made pieces of jewelry that As I tried to narrow my focus to concentrate on designing pieces of jewelry that would be profitable and pretty, I discovered that there was so much more to building a successful business...and designing and creating jewelry.

I started with these pieces. Doesn't everyone love Lapis and it's deep blue color?

And these pieces..

I tried to keep in mind the cost of supplies and gemstones,  the time that it took to create and finish a piece, and a final price point goal.  As I played with combinations of gemstones and brass stampings in different finishes, I asked some hard questions, then realized how many possibilities that there are in the direction I wanted to go.

Rhodonite and Ebony Black.

There is a sapphire in the group below--

Zebra jasper, Leopard jasper, (uh-oh, my cat is named Jasper), Labradorite, and Pietersite with Ebony Black stampings from B'Sue Boutiques.

Did I want to pursue this direction? Or try another combination or combinations?

Variscite and Noreena Jasper with Swellegant colored raw brass stampings.

How many lines could I create? More possibilities danced together.

Unakite and Turquoise finish brass earring stampings above. Fossil jasper and Malachite in the ones below.

After contemplating so many different combinations, I realized that color is a big player in determining possible outcomes. Since color plays such an important part in everyday fashion choices, perhaps I needed some illumination and education concerning how fashion affects jewelry choices, which affect jewelry sales. In fact, there were several big discussions among participants in this challenge on acquainting ourselves with what is happening in the fashion world. 

How would my choices affect my sales if fashion knowledge were incorporated into the decisions that went into making a cohesive line of jewelry?  What is big in the fashion world now and what will be big in a few months? 

Would the following pieces have a place in someone's jewelry wardrobe if I were to make, market, and try to sell these--when they become finished, of course! 

Tourmaline chips, ruby, and Lepodilite with B'Sue brass stampings.

Would more "valuable" gemstones have more of a place in a fashion conscientious woman's wardrobe? Would perceived value influence buying decisions?  In the picture below, there are rubies, turquoise, labradorite, seraphinite, picture jasper, and turretella gemstones along with brass stampings from B'Sue Boutiques. No additional colorization on the brass has taken place.

Turquoise, anyone? Notice the turquoise is much smaller than the other stones represented here.

Labradorite ring.

B'Sue's exclusive Silverware Silverplate finish--along with Seraphinite,  Kyanite, and Black Tourmaline.

The more precious gemstones, of course, command a higher price. Would that price meet my pricing goals for a finished line that would sell well?

In thinking how color and perceived value affect pricing and buying choices, I did find one color combination that I personally love.

Jasper, one of my feline darlings, loved it so much he tried to help me paint the flower pink to match the pearl. It went so well with B'Sue's chocolate findings! I think he wants a bowtie with a flower to show off his personal style!

Tune in next month to see how I finished my line--or lines. This class has been a spectacular experience so far. My visualizations may be far different than reality when I am done, but isn't that the beauty of taking such an awesome class with a knowledgeable, experienced teacher? Thank you Brenda Sue!!  In the meantime, take a look and see how my classmates are faring:

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