Friday, January 23, 2015

Build A Line Challenge from B'sue Boutiques, Gina Hockett of Freestyle Elements, Part One

Wow!! My worktable today! Something must be going on here!!

Hi! I am Gina Hockett of Freestyle Elements. I applied and was accepted into the master class that is a three month Build A Line Challenge class under the tutelage and guidance of Brenda Sue Landsdowne, of B'Sue Boutiques  Many of you have probably seen her teaching videos that are actually mini classes on many different jewelry making techniques. As the first in a series of three blog hops, this hop will explain what the Build a Line Challenge is, how I came to be here, and where I hope this three month journey will take me. There are almost sixty other participants on this journey as well, and we all hope to create a cohesive line of jewelry with at least five finished pieces for the final reveal. 

Gizmo, one of my seven feline family members, remembers the day that I became involved in designing and making jewelry. My first foray into the world of jewelry design and construction was introduced by my daughter-in-law, and the frenzy of bead buying began. Blissfully stringing my way to simple, then more complicated designs, the hunger for knowledge pertaining to the myriad ways of putting together a necklace or bracelet intensified. I wanted to do it all--wire wrapping, metalsmithing, mixed media, assemblage, resin, polymer clay, metal clay, ceramics and porcelain--the list is long....and varies significantly from one technique to another. The need to focus on honing my skills and find my "niche" began to weigh heavily on me, paralyzing my hunger, replacing it with lethargy. Sort of like Gizmo after eating his evening meal. 

 B'Sue, who runs the Facebook Group B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group suggested this challenge as a Master Class on creating a cohesive line of jewelry with at least five finished pieces of jewelry. The goals were that the jewelry pieces had to go together, is recognizable, and additional instruction in pricing, marketing, and blogging would be provided as well, at no cost! I jumped at the chance to narrow my focus and to make jewelry for a specific targeted group instead of just for me or my friends and family. B'Sue was volunteering hours and hours of her time and expertise to help all of us gain insight and knowledge into becoming a successful jewelry artisan.

Jasper must have felt the exact same way as I did when I was accepted into the class/challenge.The application process required a specific theme, so I went through every bit of my "stash" trying to narrow it down. 

After narrowing down the items I thought I would use, I had to narrow them down again. 

Oh, wait, that wasn't all of them.Here is more!!

Still more to consider.......

And what would I use with these items? Bezels are required to have something to show off.....Shown below are just a few of my gemstone cabachon collection!

Should I go with just a certain color----like black, for instance?

My components for Build A Line Challenge will be gemstone cabachons nestled in beautiful brass bezels and mounts, attached to brass necklace, ring, and/or brooch blanks. These choices leave a certain amount of flexibility pertaining to color, colorization techniques, target appeal, and can be done within a very reasonable price point. 

Hmmm, kinda like this unfinished piece:

I used a raw brass necklace blank and deep bezel blank, colored with Swellegant Patina and used an aqua-colored brass cover, all from B'Sue Boutiques. The gemstone cabachon is a lovely Jasper in colors that complement the Swellegant. Needs a little work, but almost finished!

Be sure and tune in next month to see the progress being made. It is bound to be sensational!

As Magellan, one of my resident felines (named after the world traveler) would say--Don't forget to visit all of the other participant's blogs that are listed below. I am sure there are some very exciting things happening!! And thank you, Brenda Sue Landsdowne, for donating your time, expertise, knowledge, and experience to this group of creative souls. You are appreciated and loved!

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