Saturday, June 1, 2013

Anklet Blog Hop

Hello, and welcome to Kashmira Patel's Anklet Blog Hop. This is her first blog hop, and what a great idea it is, as anklets are very popular in the summer, at least in my neck of the woods. There are no partners that swapped anklets, just some awesome anklets that everyone made from their own stash of beads. A big shout out to Kashmira, for hosting this fun blog hop that I am sure will be filled with eye candy for the ankles and feet.

My sister volunteered to swap views of her feet modeling the first anklet that came from my hands only, so she was allowed to pick the colors --pink and gold. She wanted an "ankle dress" so to speak, so this design had it's way with me as I played with the little crystals and pearls and chain. It is adjustable, just in case swollen legs make their appearance on the day it is to be worn. My sister loves it!!!

The large lobster clasp makes it easy to put on and take off for an "older" person's hands.

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you can visit the blogs below to see the gorgeous creations that everyone else made for this hop!

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  1. I love the draping chain and crystals, but I LOVE that big clasp and rings with the tassel! Fabulous design :) no wonder she loves it!

  2. How fun! I adore the dangles...what a wonderful design!

  3. Lovely! That is definitely a 'statement' anklet. Thanks for sharing

  4. I's so great you made this for your sister. I like all the layers.

  5. What a great angle 'dress'. I love all the texture and layers to it. Very dressy and dainty looking.

  6. Your sister is one lucky lady! Love the multi chain look of the piece, too. Your thoughtful approach to the design down to the closure really paid off in this classy anklet.


  7. That is beautiful. I love the cascade of chains at the clasp. It is so pretty. Great job!

  8. I love this very sculptural design, Gina... you have really done as your sister requested and "dressed" her ankle. I have made note of your suggestion for the larger clasp, too, should I ever be brave enough to wear one of these myself LOL

  9. Nice job on the ankle bracelet, love the idea of a larger clasp and it looks great with your design.

  10. I love the layers. You created a beautiful ankle bracelet for your sister. Adjustable for those hot, swollen ankle days is a great idea. I think I need to make some adjustments in my design to accomodate.

  11. Love the drape, the colors and the dangles! And totally agree with you about the clasp, I spent quite some time chasing my little ones before I got the clasp shut :)

    Thanks so much for joining :) Hope you had fun!

  12. I love the dangles & the cascade of chains! The lobster clasp is a great idea! :)

  13. Your anklet design is very pretty and unique! Great piece!!

  14. I love the design.. Great job.

  15. What a neat design and a great idea to acomodate swollen legs for those days. You were very thoughtful with the clasp too. You made a beautiful anklet. I love the drapes and the whole look of it.

  16. beautiful drape to your piece! love the multi-layer chain design. and looks lovely on!

  17. I love the multi stands of this anklet! And the colors pink and gold are perfect together. Great job :)

  18. Great job! I love that you thought about the clasp and ease of use. I use my fish hook clasps for the same reason--I have trouble fastening other styles.

  19. Gorgeous jewelry, as always, Gina! No wonder your sister loves it -- very pretty and cool! Love it too. I especially like the way the large brass lobster claw and ring look juxtaposed with all the dainty beads -- stunning look, very artistic and rich. Make more anklets, Gina! Enjoy your summer! Love, Rita


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